Sunday, May 6, 2007

the best way to fix a yucky day....

it's all about the Friends baby!
my wonderful hubby got me the entire series for xmas
who doesn't love 80 hours of the best show ever....
that's almost 4 whole days of chandler, monica, joey, phoebe, ross and rachel
oh yeah... and ugly naked guy!
i love it!


Debbi said...

the thing about friends is I don't know which character I like the best. They are all so great. I love that show. We should have friends day.Hope you feel better

Jaime said...

I love it too! I think it's the best backround noise while I'm embarking on creative projects.

kacy said...


Joey: Fine! You hide my underwear, I'm gonna do the exact opposite.

Chandler: What are you gonna do? Show me my clothes...

Joey: Hey! Opposite is Opposite!

Chandler: He's got NoTHinG!

......time passes...Joey returns in layers of clothing....

Chandler: What are you doing?

(or something to that effect)

Joey: That's right buddy, I'm wearing everything you own???

Chandler: Could you BE wearing any more clothes??

Joey: Maybe if I wasn't goin COMMANDO!!

Chandler: Ulgghhaahhaha!

Joey does lunges....LOLOLOL.

Hope you're feeling better,you crazy drug dealer, you!!!!

PS.Debbie - Favorites are hard to choose. It's between Chandler & Joey. Ross is definitely the least fave :)

kacy said...

i hate you sister...the poin t was to make you laugh, not tyoe ver batim (sp?) but whatev, no more laughs for you...NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!