Thursday, May 17, 2007

more spring cleaning!

well, got more done today and again it feels Great! I worked in my studio cleaning and purging. Didn't get ever inch of the room done as i did in the bedroom, but i will keep working on it. I think i am going to have a garage sale in a month or so cause i a finding so much stuff i don't need. might as well make some $ if i can.

and... i finally cleaned off my desk in here so i can move my new computer from the kitchen to the office. Yes, my computer has been set up on the kitchen table for the past month. It doesn't really matter cause we never eat at the table anyways.

so... order is enterying my life....slowly, but it is coming!

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Brenda Smith said...

Someone's got spring fever! Wanna do my studio next? (Actually, it's not that bad). I'm happy for you, it feels good to be in control of our lives, even if it is just a room or two!