Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to regular life now that kacy is gone.
gotta love the life of a retail manager....working all weekend on a holiday...
and i really love the people who come in and say
"what are you doing this holiday weekend?"

what does it look like i'm doing...making coffee for all of the lucky people like you who get it of!!!!

but really, i love my job!
no really, i do, i just can't wait for the day when i too can enjoy a 3 day weekend with the rest of the world.

but i guess summer is officially here, we have already used our bbq twice..and gonna again tonight! yippee!

have a great memorial day!


Brenda Smith said...

Sorry you had to work, I had to work too! Except mine was in my backyard. Ooooo it looks good!

Debbi said...

gotta LOVE our barrista's. They're the BOMB!