Wednesday, May 16, 2007


laundrey basket: $12

detergant: $5

fabric softner: $4

water bill: $40

getting 15 loads of laundrey complete and not having any dirty clothes in the house except for whats on my body....


oh yeah baby.... it feels sooooo good! Lola is not too happy about it though cause there are no dirty socks on the ground to chew on!


Brenda Smith said...

Wow! You got all your clothes washed? Wherever do you put them? You're the only person I know that can go for a month and still have clean underwear! You have SOOOO many clothes!

Debbi said...

Sigh! I remember having that many cloths before children. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

You have so many clothes??? Good, go thru them and pick me out some cute stuff. :)

Your fave nephew, drooly droolerson is looking frwd to playing with you guys on friday the 25th!!! Make sure you have it off, you lil druggy.