Tuesday, May 8, 2007

why was my day yucky?

so on saturday i decided to go and give blood. everything went well until it was time to take the needle out and all of the sudden i got really dizzy and light heated. then i got sick and it was all bad from there. they made me stay there for a while until i was okay to go. I left, got home and was fine if i was lying down but as soon as i stood up i would get dizzy and sick again. NO FUN!

oh well, all better now and i saved three lives by donating!


Debbi said...

Iam so proud of you for saving lives. It is worth the feeling yucky for a day or two. I can not wait until I can donate again.

Brenda Smith said...

You felt better once you got to my house. I know you're gonna say it was cause you ate something. But Debbi and I know it was cause you were having friendship withdrawels!